What is Effexy?

Effexy is an iOS photo app that makes editing fun by adding interactive filter effects that you can modify on screen with your fingers.  Dramatic effects such as melt, hand shake, and liquify dramatically alter your image into a work of art with the swipe of the finger or shake of the device.

Effexy was inspired by photography techniques used with conventional cameras that combine the use of slow shutter speeds and camera movement to create abstract effects.  Effexy allows you to mimic motion blur or camera shake effects after the photo is taken and you use hand gestures to control the location (as with zoom blur) or distance (as with motion blur) of the effect being applied.  We’ve added lots more effects and filters to provide more tools to turn your photos into pieces of art.

How do you use Effexy?

There is no rule on how you use Effexy.  Some people like specific effects and use it in between editing in other apps, moving a photo they are editing from app to app.  Photos can be edited entirely in Effexy, layering on Effex and enhancements such as saturation, or sharpening, without leaving Effexy.

We have started creating Snapguides to demonstrate different ways to use Effexy.  They are best viewed in the Snapguide app, clicking on each image to expand to full view.

See our Snapguide page here.

Does Effexy output images in full resolution?

Yes.  You can also select Low or Medium resolution prior to editing, which saves processing time between layers of effects and during the final save.

Why is Effexy sometimes slow?

If you choose to output with full resolution, then processing the image may be slow on some devices with large image sizes.  Many other photo editing apps don’t even support full resolution output since processing large images can be difficult to achieve without crashing or due to the time it takes the device to process.

How can I contact you?

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