Full Resolution App Output Favored By Users

Full Resolution

Full resolution test image from Effexy

We ran a poll on our Facebook page to test how important full resolution output was for photo app users.  Doing so can be very tricky for app creators due to the many reasons outlined in this informative post by John Balistrieri of Tinrocket, makers of Percolator.

We are in the throes of tackling this monster ourselves with Effexy and wanted to be sure that our followers REALLY wanted full resolution output as compared to a more moderate output resolution.  The processing/wait time while the user is using the app can be substantially different when you are processing a 3MP image instead of an 8MP image.

The fans on Facebook spoke – out of 373 votes, 77% wanted full resolution output even at the expense of slower performance during output; 16% said that moderate resolution was fine, while 7% said they just liked to play with photos and output resolution didn’t matter.

I’m no expert on poll biases and the scientific process of surveys, but 77% is a very convincing win for the full resolution crowd.


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